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"I was a sleep deprived tired mum & I found they offered me support breastfeeding & emotionally. Some weeks I just went for a chat no specific issues. They were so friendly and welcoming."


"Lovely atmosphere, enjoy the cakes as well!!! It’s so helpful and without that support I wouldn’t be able to carry on bf."


"Easy location to get too, friendly and great advice. Didn't feel alone in my breastfeeding issues."


"Great service from knowledgeable staff who are friendly & approachable and made it easy to ask question."


"It is a very valuable facility for mums."


"Excellent support and made you feel very welcome. Good to talk to other mums with the same issues."


"I like the special events - we did photos and pottery."


"I felt that the service helped me carry on breastfeeding for longer than I thought I would."


"Without you I wouldn’t have succeeded with breastfeeding- it's not as easy as it seems...Thank you!"



We are proud to be a UNICEF breastfeeding friendly Family Centre. If you are out and about in Ashford Town and want to feed your baby them come into the centre during opening hours. We will provide a quiet, comfortable place to sit and feed your baby as well as offering facilities to warm feeds if necessary.

To further support you with Breastfeeding we run a Breastfeeding Café, every Thursday from 12.30-2pm. The café is run by a volunteer peer supporter and also a breastfeeding counsellor, it us usual to have a member from the Health Visitor Service team available too.

Whether you have a specific concern around breastfeeding or if you just want to enjoy some refreshments and talk to another parents the Breastfeeding Café is an ideal place to be! Partners and expectant parents are welcome.

If you require a specific breastfeeding support but cannot make it to the centre please find below alternative support options available to you:

Children and Family Health Surrey Health Visitor Service Consultation line 01883 340922 or Click Here for Children and Family Health Surrey Breastfeeding Services information.

NCT Helpline: 0300 330 0700 (8am-midnight 7 days per week

Services of the Breastfeeding Counsellors are free during Breastfeeding Café . Details of some local breastfeeding counsellors are listed below (some may charge for a home visit but telephone support is offered free of charge)

Please call and leave a message or send a text.

Mary Soane 07933 292052                           Trisha Whisker 07804 747 462

Hazel Meyer 07970 745485

NCT helpline: 0300 330 0700 (8am-12am 7 days a week)

We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information please contact us: 01784 424759, email:

or ask a member of staff.

More information on Infant Feeding from Children and Family Health Surrey. Click Here.

New mum & baby at Breastfeeding cafe
4th anniversary cake at Breastfeeding cafe
Mum & Baby at Breastfeeding cafe group

Hi Jenny,

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at the breastfeeding cafe for all your help and advice. I am, and have been for a while now, breast feeding exclusively! I was determined to do this but was worried it wasn't going to happen as it felt awkward, I didn't think I produced enough milk and my nipples constantly felt numb! but with all your knowledge and encouragement it finally clicked into place and here I am today finding it no trouble at all!!!!!!

So thank you thank you to you all, if it wasn't for the cafe I'm sure things wouldn't have turned out so well!

Kind Regards



"If they hadn't of spotted that her tongue tie had reattached and contacted my Health Visitor for me then I might have given up breastfeeding totally. However now she ONLY has breast milk and can latch perfectly."



"The help was excellent. It’s so nice to have professional help there when needed instead of having to wait several days for a consultation. Thank you so much for all your help."


"She can breastfeed :)"


"The advice gained I hadn't been told elsewhere. Made me consider things differently and understand more. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding at 9 months."


"Lovely friendly place. It was really helpful, was some great advice from the health visitors and counsellors."

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