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At Clarendon Children's Centre we are pleased to offer support and services to families

with children under 5.

Below are some of the services we offer.


At the centre we are pleased to be able to offer breastfeeding support. We also run 2 breastfeeding support sessions per week:

Healthy Vitamins.

Healthy Start vitamins are now here at Clarendon Children’s Centre. Bring your voucher to collect your free vitamins

Where Next?

Story Sack.

Story Sacks are excellent for getting children more involved at story time. They love using the props which bring the stories to life.

Book Library.

Books available on pregnancy, child development, potty training, weaning, sleep and so much more.

Introducing Solids.

Topics covered include when and how to start, first foods, dental care as well as allergies and foods to avoid.


Early Years Funding.

If you are thinking about childcare many parents and carers will want an option that best fits their child and family circumstances.



Clarendon Children’s Centre are running a fun project which involves stories, books and rhymes for your children.
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